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What is Vijayi Bhawa App?

Vijayi Bhawa is a skill-based game in which a user assembles a team of actual players for an upcoming match and plays against other users for real cash prizes, bonuses, and other fantastic prizes.

Your team gets points based on the performance of your players in the real-life match, so make the best decisions you can!

1. Choose a Match

Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football are now hosted by Vijayi Bhawa. Simply choose an upcoming match that youโ€™d want to play in, keeping the match deadline in mind.

New Fantasy App

2. Create Your Teams

Use your sports expertise to select a team that fits under the 100-credit budget. Choose the player you believe will score the most points in the given match.

For each match, you may form up to ten teams, so make sure each team has a different combination of players to increase your chances of winning.

3. Join in contests

On Vijayi Bhawa, you can participate in a variety of contest formats. You may enter free or paid contests, or make your own Private Contest with your friends and foes! The contests may be filtered and sorted by Entry Fees, Prize Pool, Number of Teams, and Style of Play. To increase your chances of winning, choose the right contest.

4. Give attention to the game

Once a match is live, you may check out the leaderboards for your contests to see how you stack up against your competitors. You may use the Group-Chat tool to have real-time conversations with your competitors and be informed about their activities.

How to signup in Vijayi Bhawa app?

1. First Download the app through below link


2. Sign up by clicking on the sign up button and filling out the form.

3. Your email address will receive a confirmation letter.

4. Simply click on the link in the email to confirm!

5. You are now a member of the Vijayi Bhawa App!

6. You can also sign up using Facebook or Google.

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How to make fantasy team in Vijayi Bhawa app?

To participate in any Fantasy Cricket match on Vijayi Bhawa, you must choose an 11-player squad, with a maximum of 7 players from any one team participating in the real-life tournament.

Combination of Players

Your chosen squad can include a variety of players, but it must keep under the 100-credit limit and meet the following team entry requirements:

In order to keep the playerโ€™s condition to a basic minimum.

  • 1 Wicker Keeper
  • 3-5 Batsmen
  • 1-3 All-Rounders
  • 3-5 Bowlers
  • Captain (2x Points)
  • Vice-Captain (1.5x points)

Points for Captain and Vice Captain

After youโ€™ve chosen your 11 players, youโ€™ll need to choose a Captain and Vice-Captain for your team.

You will be given 2x points for the Captain you choose in the real match.

The Vice-Captain will receive 1.5 times the points they scored in the real battle.

In Vijayi Bhawa, how do I get my KYC approved?

To finish the process, follow these steps:

  • Go to your wallet and take a look.
  • Select โ€˜KYCโ€™ from the menu option.
  • Select one or more of the three tabs available.
  • Fill in your email address and verify it.
  • Fill up your PAN card information and verify it.
  • Verify your address proof (optional).

Refer and Earn Program

1. At the bottom of your home page screen, click the Invite button.

2. Use various sharing sites to share your referral code SPORTS with your friends.

3. When a new user signs up using your Referral code, he is considered your Referred user.

4. You will receive Rs 50 in your Cash Bonus Account as soon as your referred friend verifies his PAN Card within 72 hours of registering.

5. You will also get 5% of each deposit made by any referred friend, up to a maximum of Rs 500, for deposits of 50 or more.

How to Withdraw Cash from Vijayi Bhawa App?

1. By navigating to the Wallet tab and clicking on Withdraw Money, you can withdraw cash at any time.

2. After that, youโ€™ll be asked to enter a withdrawal amount.

3. Only a balance less than or equal to โ€˜Your Winningsโ€™ is available for withdrawal. On the Wallet page, this will be displayed.

4. To be eligible for withdrawals, you must make at least one deposit of INR 10 into your Vijayi Bhawa account. Before your initial withdrawal, you must go through this process only once.

5. You must verify your account before making your first withdrawal. The user verification process requires the submission of bank account information, personal information, and KYC papers. To complete the verification process, go to the Wallet page and click the โ€˜verify to withdrawโ€™ option.

FAQ of Vijayi Bhawa App

1. What is the minimum withdrawal limit?

You can withdraw a minimum of INR 100 in your bank account from โ€˜your winnings.โ€™

2. What is the Referral code for Vijayi Bhawa app?

SPORTS is the referral code


We have given you detailed information about the Vijay Bhava app in this article so that you can make money daily by using the app well. If you want to ask any question related to the app, then you can comment below, which we will be happy to answer.

This game has a financial risk and may be addictive; however, please play RESPONSIBLY and at your own risk.

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